Behind a successful event, there are a tons of items managed well by professional event planner. You are event agency or client, you should take note about some important remarks when organizing event below carefully:

1. Backup plan for event items:

You need to think about what will be able to happen unexpectedly which affect to ỵour event directly like: weather (outside event but raining), electric power, emcee, VVIP on stage absence,… then create the back up plan if they happen.
For example: if you want to hold event outside during raining season, you need to find venue where includes the inside hall if raining.
Or you need to rent a generator for immediate change if venue has no any backup on when government electric power off suddenly (and make sure the replace one will work during 2 - 3 second transformation), how much KVA you need from a generator? i think it can cover for sound system & standard stage lighting system and make sure you choose the one with lowest noisy sound.
About human / talent, you should plan the backup person if any problem happens to the planned one.

2.  Back up plan for event planner:
Event management is the field contains many risks, and you're not always lucky to work with the professional event agency who can run away if a lot of problems happen and in worse they will disappear at the last minute. Then you need to have the back up event planner who are kind to help in urgent moment. Absolutely, you need to have.

3. Health care:
Event management is the work need you who have energy and healthy but sometime there a lot of problems happen in rush to follow the event date & time, then you will forget to care your breakfast / lunch / dinner & exercise and you know what happen if something wrong happens to you before event date. It's better you need to set rule for taking care of your food and it will be great if you get yoga.

And the most important thing you should do is finding the trusted event planner (how to find mentioned in last post), then you can sleep well before event date.
Any further information, please feel free to contact us at any time for fully support.

N2U Event & Media Team
Event Planner in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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