Are you event planner or you want to plan MICE event in new country for your company? Doesn't matter who you are, but you want to create event in new destination you should ask for help from event planner in that destination. But why is event planner, but not production house (if you are event planner)? You know, production house is production house, they can't cover all items relevant to your events that be fully supported from event planner. Every event planner always has relationships to many production houses (even they have own production house), and they will get replace choice easily for your re-event time (you know how is risk in event management, everything can be changed at the last minute). But the most important thing is how to find trusted event planner for your MICE event in new destination who is never run away, they always replace the better option in contrast.


There are some good ways for you to consider on finding trusted event planner in new destination:
1. Via event venue:
If you want to hold your conference / seminar in high level hotels, it's easy to find contact to those venues directly, then you can ask for hotel conference sale man for the event planner contact, they will be kind to help with some for your consideration. It's good source to find the event planner option because the good agency will serve for good client normally. But also, you still need to check whether those agencies are suitable for your event kind in your budget or not. It will be relevant to question: how to find the best in some good options (will be detailed in next post in this web).
2. Via your country consulate:
I think the first thing you need to do when you want to hold in new destination is to find contact of your country consulate for any urgent security help, that is the good your people deeply understand you and fully support (but not all, you know), then you also ask them for your recommendation on trusted event planner because that organization also often hold events support their work. Believe in me, they have experience to find the good one.
3. Via website:
Firstly you need to try google search (how to do in best way will be mentioned in next post) for getting some top result in first page of google (result with ad paid is not in appreciate. Reason will be in next post), because the top results is belong to agencies with big experience in field and the one often up to date content in web (you know, hardworking birds want to fly farther & higher than other, attitude is very important). Then you should check their web content to find out the one have rich info in event field and the one have smart contact link for you to send the event inquiry. Make sure they understand what you need and choose the one can give you extra the mile.

Further questions, please feel free to contact N2U Event & Media Team at any time for fully support.
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