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While you can't always please everyone, there's something very important about knowing what does. Through our eight years of experience, we've dealt with our share of clients and know when we're a good fit, and when we're not.

In order to help you better understand, we've grouped a few main traits of our good-fit clients to help you make the determination. Why do we do this, you ask? We want to establish expectations from the starting line – to ensure our chances of having an outstanding, successful partnership are sky-high. A great culture fit for a journey of this magnitude is not something we take lightly.  

A great fit with us are companies that value:



Out of respect, we'll always let you know everything that's going on. All you have to do is ask. Ask, and you shall receive.


Our partnership with you isn't one-sided; in fact, we thrive on your feedback and suggestions, and encourage it!


We've had years of experience in inbound – while it may be hard to relinquish some control, trust us. We're experts. 


Being open-minded about change can be the difference between moving the needle, and piledriving the needle (in a good way).

The N2U Team

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Dao Tran Dao Tran Co-founder | Channel Director
Lindsay Nguyen Lindsay Nguyen Founder | Managing Director
Trang Vu Trang Vu Head of POSM | Advertising
Tan C Tan C Graphic & 3D Designer
Quyen Nguyen Quyen Nguyen SEO manager

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